St Finian’s Road Safety Campaign


St Finian’s Primary School is very proud of the students who presented this road safety video.

We would ask that all parents/guardians listen to their message.

Help us promote safer driving.

Our video is hosted by You tube. We are not responsible for any other erroneous content that may appear while viewing

Road Safety Video Summary

We here in St. Finian’s believe that the safety of your children entering and leaving the school is paramount.  The student council with the guidance and support of a parent have produced a short video about road safety outside our school.  Please take a look at it and see what You can do to make your children’s journey to and from the school gates a safe one.

A reminder

1   Watch out for children crossing the road- always check your rear view mirrors before you pull out.

2  Drive slow

3  Use the roundabout to turn your car; do not do a U turn on the road.

4  Do not double park.

5  The disabled parking spaces are for permit holders only.