St. Finians’ National School Student Council

About Students Council

St Finian’s very first Student Council was set up in November 2017.   A huge number of children applied to be a representative on the council.   An election took place within each of the classes and the children were able to vote for the person who they thought would best represent them.   The council is made up of Genevieve and Gary from 4th class, Ella and Nate from 5ft class, Seán and Andrew from 6th class.

The Student Council have said they want to “find a solution to most of the problems, make students happy and achieve a better school”.

The Student Council worked very hard throughout the 2017/2018 school year.  They have implemented a number of changes and have achieved a lot in such a short space of time.

The Student Council meet with Ms. Bardon and Ms. Ní Fhiaich every Friday at lunch time.  Remember they represent all of the pupils of the school so if you have an idea or suggestion to improve the school make sure to write it down and post it into the Student Council’s box outside Ger’s office!!

Some of the projects that the Student Council worked on in their first year:

  • – Opened and ran a stationery stall
  • – Raised over €3,000 in colour day fundraisers
  • – Met with and worked alongside the Parents’ Association
  • – Held a Healthy-Eating campaign
  • – Held an Anti-Bullying campaign and put up a Zeeko Anti-Bullying display
  • – Started to tidy up and redesign the school’s sensory garden
  • – Organised buddy benches in all the yards as well as a friendship circle in the big yard
  • – Began a newsletter
  • – Held a competition to name and design a logo for the newsletter
  • – Constantly update the Student Council’s display board with news and events in the school
  • – Judged the school’s bake sale competition

The student Council have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline for the 2018/2019 school year such as continuing the re-design of our sensory garden, developing a Road Safety campaign and organising a mural for our corridors so make sure to come back to our webpage regularly to see our updates and hear news from the different classes in the school!!

Student Council Members

Genevieve is from Ms. Doody’s 4th class.  Genevieve is a good listener and enjoys skipping.  She is on the Student Council as she wants to help the school and would like to implement the ideas of students in the school.

Gary is from Mr. Moreton’s 4th class.   Gary is hard-working and (in his own words!!) handsome too!  He enjoys soccer, gaelic and athletics.  Being on the Student Council means a lot to him, he wants to get benches in the yard, stop littering and bullying.

Ella is from Ms. Murphy’s 5th class.  Ella is creative, adventurous, caring and determined.  She enjoys writing, gymnastics, dancing, scouts and GAA.   Ella loves being on the Student Council as she has some great ideas to share.   She wants to find a solution to problems in the school and to make students happy.

Nate is from Ms Ní Fhiaich’s 5th class.  Nate is honest, fun, friendly and determined and enjoys taking part in kenpo – a form of martial arts.  Nate is on the Student Council as it means he can make a difference in the school.  He wants the council to achieve a better and happier school.

Seán is from Ms. Mooney’s 6th class..  Seán is enjoys maths, soccer and GAA.  Being on the Student Council makes him feel responsible for decisions.  He wants to start a school soccer team and get another Green Flag!

Andrew is from Ms. Lester’s 6th class.  Andrew is intelligent, responsible, fun-loving and independent.  He enjoys football, gaelic, running and drawing.  Being on the Student Council means a lot to Andrew and he wants to share his ideas with everyone.   He would love the Council to implement an Anti-Bullying policy and for the students of the school to be 100% satisfied with the work of the Student Council. 

MS Readathon campaign

On Monday 11th September 2017 the two 4th classes attended the launch of the MS Readathon campaign in Hodges Figgis in September. It was the 30th year of MS Readathon and Felicity Dahl, widow of Roald Dahl, was also at the launch. This was very special as Roald Dahl had launched the very first MS Readathon back in 1988! Ms. Dahl read an excerpt of “Billy and the Minpins” to the children and spoke with them as well. The children got their faces painted and received a hard-back copy of the book “Billy and the Minpins” to take home with them.

The launch also featured on RTE’s children’s news programme News2Day as well as some newspapers.

Three Colour Days

One of our 3 colour days this year was a “Rock the Boat” theme on 14th Feb.  Children dressed up disco/brightly coloured clothes and the whole school did rock the boat in the corridors upstairs and downstairs.  They had great fun and developed new moves for Rock The Boat dance !!

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